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hello [17 Nov 2010|11:09pm]

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"Come on," she pleaded. "Just stick it in there!" [23 Sep 2010|11:18pm]

"Come on," she pleaded. "Just stick it in there!"

"I'm trying," I responded, breathlessly. "It just
doesn't want to go in."

Cameron was sprawled out on the bed with her platinum
blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, showing off the
dark roots. Anxiously, she waited for me to slide the
large shaft home.

After being apart for nearly two months, this was a
much-anticipated meeting. "Come on," she moaned
again. "You're fucking killing me here!"

"That's it," I said, no longer hiding my frustration.
"I give up." I dropped the large metal shaft I had
been holding for the last 15 minutes. "I didn't come
over here to help you put your furniture back
together. Get your dad to do this shit when he gets

"Good," she said with a smile. "I'm starving. Let's
order some Chinese food to go with that wine."
Cameron hopped off the bed and led the way back

It was the first weekend of summer break, and the two
of us were celebrating a reunion or sorts. Cameron
and I had been friends for as long as I could
remember. We grew up together, and had been nearly
inseparable since the beginning of high school. Over
the last nine months, we had each been away for our
first year of college. Although we talked on the
phone several times a week, this was our first time
hanging out together since Easter.
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Jack Riot – Come and Love Me (New song) free mp3 [14 Aug 2009|02:38am]

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many emotions...venting [02 Oct 2008|03:06pm]

I usually post about my ED but right now I suppose I'm more caught up in the weight of my heart. I met this guy 3 years ago but we began dating around the 4th of July. We started out be really really good friends. I believe we sometimes see someone and want there to be a connection so badly that we sort of make it happen but tell ourselves it was natural. This guy (we'll call him Tom)is a bit older than me and wasn't my ideal kind of guy at first but he became my total buddy. Our relationship was based on trust and respect and on a smaller level still is. Though at the begining I did notice that he only had one friend (besides me)that consisted of 95% of his social life and it had probably been that way for a while. In the back of my mind I kept wondering if the way he at times seemed to be...I guess obsessed it to strong of a word but I would wonder if I was mostly a ticket out of his loneliness but how could I find that out for sure? Anyways about 2 months later he became more comfortable in letting his temper tantrums/way to gain control show. When he would do something I disagreed with and I would say it would try to always get really mad at any tiny thing I disagreed with and try to intimidate me into biting my tongue when I felt he wasn't treating me right or I disagreed. He does this every time we are together. Sometimes he'll drag it out but it seems when he has something to gain than he cuts it short.Though he shows that he has a lot of love for me. I know your probably thinking yeah you just want to believe that but I could tell that he wasn't faking how strongly he felt towards me by the people closest to him. If he really cherishes me why the tantrums that pulls us apart? How can someone do both to someone? Is it b/c he knows I'll keep coming back? Which I think is a strong possibility but if that is the case I still don't get it. I was curious what other people thought about the situation.
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How To Date A Babe [21 May 2008|01:40pm]


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[02 Apr 2008|11:32am]


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Written October 10, 2003 by Matthew [24 Jan 2007|01:48pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

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Over the past few days, I have been really upset. The idea of my aunt dying is really taking a toll on my daily life. Not that I want anything to happen to someone else, but my aunt happens to be my favorite relative. What upsets me even more is what my father said the other day. The man cannot come to grips with reality. Everything just somehow always relates to God. His sister is dying and he can still manage to say it is the will of God. Just writing this down almost brings me to tears. I am really confused.

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Written October 4, 2003 by Matthew [29 Dec 2006|02:01pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Last night, Katlyn and I went to the city to get some Italian food. I cannot even remember the last time I went to an upscale restaurant. Usually I would prefer Japanese food, especially sushi, but Katlyn seems to be a big fan of Italian. I could tell how much she loved Italian food by the way she could pronounce everything on the menu.

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Written September 23, 2003 by Matthew [01 Oct 2006|02:13am]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Today, after my morning classes, I had lunch with Katlyn again. Having lunch together has become routine now. While eating, we spoke about how boring our professor is. I would think that a class like psychology would be interesting, but some how my professor still manages to make me want to kill myself.

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Written September 22, 2003 by Matthew [27 Sep 2006|09:42pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Yesterday, Katlyn and I spent the whole day together. She said she wanted to do something different, so I decided to take her to a driving range. Not only was it a way for us to try something new, but it also let me whack a couple of balls. The driving range helped me get rid of some extra aggression and tension. The only problem was I couldn't hit the damn things. Half the time, my swing would miss everything except the air. Katlyn was just as bad. Most of the time, we would look up at each other and simply laugh at our futile attempts to drive the balls. Now I know for the next time not to buy the jumbo bucket of balls, it is way too many.

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Written September 14, 2003 by Matthew [14 Sep 2006|07:55pm]

Originally published at Memories of Matthew. Please leave any comments there.

Friday night I had the time of my life. In fact, it has been an unbelievable weekend altogether. I went on my first date with Katlyn. I know we have spent a couple of afternoons hanging out, but Friday night was the first time we actually labeled it a date. She put the whole night in my hands, so for starters, I decided to take her out to eat. This time, instead of a public school setting or my dorm, I made sure to pick a spot as romantic and personal as possible. The whole “movie idea” did come to mind, but since I don’t know her as well as I would like to, I thought it would be better to sit down and just converse. Going to the movies is fun and all, but I always felt it doesn’t give you time to chitchat. Instead, you are concentrating on the screen, not your date.

We had a great time in each others company and the food was incredible. After we ate our main meal, I told her not to have dessert. I took her to this little cafwhere they serve the best tiramisu I’ve ever had. I let her try a bite and she instantly fell in love with the taste. She kept asking me to give her just one more taste in a cute, soft-spoken voice. It was genuinely cute and every time she spoke, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

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[21 Feb 2006|08:49pm]

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Sample [21 Aug 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Katherine was in her last year of high school. She needed to bring up her marks if she wanted to make it into the college she had chosen. One class she had wasnt going to allow that. Katherine was 5'6 and had dirty blonde hair, going along with her perfect blue eyes. One day, she decided she had to do something drastic to change that F to at least a B.
The next day at school, she walked down the hallways in her plaid skirt, and white button up dress shirt. Students stare as she strut down the hallways, stopping before her professors door. She pushed her black rimmed glasses further up her nose, and took a deep breath. The bell rung and students started running to their classes. Katherine watched until the coast was clear. When it was, she headed into the classroom and shut the door behind her. Professor Thompson was sitting behind his desk, scribbling something down into his small book. Katherine moved closer to the front of the desk, Professor Thompson didnt even look up to see who had entered his classroom. Katherine approached the front of the desk and slid herself onto the desk so she was sitting on it. Her skirt slowly rose up, showing some of her round butt. Professor Thompson stopped scribling and lifted his head to look Katherine in the eye.
"Is there... something i can help you with?" The professor said as he placed his pencil to the side and scanned the student.
"I'm here to ask what i could do to bring my grade up. I will do anyyything to bring it up to at least a C." Katherine smiled and lifted herself higher onto the table, pulling her skirt up more.
"What are you getting at.." The professor asked, a confused look on his face.
"What do you want me to get at..." Katherine asked, her eyes narrowing as she stared a hole through the professor. Katherine leaned off of the desk and started to unbutton her shirt in front of the desk.
"What are you doing Katherine?" The professor asked, not making an attempt to stop her from stripping down. Katherine paused at the middle of her shirt and leaned over the table.
"Anything to get my grade up..."
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Sample [13 Aug 2005|12:36am]
Jessica was a bored 18 year old woman. She had just been dumped by her boyfriend of 1 year, and was missing him terribly. She especially missed the amazing sex they had night after night. There was one night in particular that Jessica seemed to remember. The night that had just passed.
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Sex Story [31 Jul 2005|10:09am]
[ mood | awake ]

School starts at 8:00 in the morning, and it was already 8:20. Joe was running to school, leftover rain drying up on the grey asphalt. Joe's brown short hair bounced as he ran faster, each time, a strand getting in the way of his vision. The school was just ahead, the bell had already rung and the ony thing he could see were cars parked where the busses would have been. Joe didnt want to be late for his first day of his new class. He was actually really excited about the new class. It was on his favorite subject, sex.
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Kissing Questions [18 Jul 2005|05:21pm]

Just some questias on kissing...
1. If your first kiss with a certain person was average is it likely to get better with practice with that person?

2. If I thought kissing a certain person was quite average does it mean he didnt enjoy it that much either?

3. Do you need to have kissed a lot of guys to be a good kisser?

4. Has anyone felt that amazing "magic" feeling when kissing? like in the movies?

Thanx for the advice people!! You rock!!
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[13 May 2005|08:15am]

[ mood | damn lethargic ]

a few of my love/lust artworks. warning: some blood.

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Fire Goddess... [25 Jan 2005|02:24am]

[ mood | in love...duh.. ]

I have entire film script about me and her. We have been going out fro over three years. But for now lets just say this...

I love her...

she loves me...

and I wouldnt ask for anything more in my life...

~ Christof ~

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Love or Lust [17 Sep 2004|04:21pm]

I am so in love with Eric. He's been with me for 3 months.

Yet at the same time, I lust for him. Like so badly.

I get upset when he refuses to make love.
And when he cancels our RENDEVOUS because of something else.

And, it's always me that's asking for it.
Yeah, well.

You know, when he asks for it, I am so YES!
And when I ask for it, he's like "projects, baby, i got tons of work to do!"

Maybe because I 'lost' our baby.
While I was having him/her, he was at my every beck and call.
He was the one who urges me to get rid of it.

Now that it's truly gone, he's treating me worse than I ever could imagine.
It's like he doesn't care.

But love. It's too strong it blinds reality.
And lust. I hate that word.

Maybe I shouldn't have posted this. It should go under Depression.
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[26 Aug 2004|12:07am]

Hey I'm new. I love stories about lust and love ... as you can see by my info. Does anyone have any stories about getting with one of your friends you haven't seen in awhile. ::sighs:: That just happened to me and I wish I could see what it was like for other people.

M e l a n i e
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